Services and Caretaker - Apartments for rent in Marseille
Small attentions make the big differences.
Proposing more than

apartments for rent

, is also to offer small attentions and services dedicated for your leisure and well-being.
Imagine what you desire, a chef at home or a reliable baby-sitter and we realise it for you.
A filled fridge.
Idleness, beach, shopping, visits... You have a full agenda for your holidays.
That's why to simplify life we fill up you fridge before your arrival.

Breakfast, a great moment.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially during the holidays.
We propose you a breakfast basket rich in flavours.

An open wine cellar to discover.

Great connoisseurs of wine we like to share our addresses in Bourgogne, Côtes du Rhône, Provence...

But if you have preferences, we also take care of them.
Moreover, as lovely discoveries are to be shared you may leave directly with bottles or ask us to be delivered.

We also look after your children.
Do you feel like taking advantage of an evening just the two of you ?
We have serious people at our disposal to look after your children.

At home or at the institute take advantage of a

city break to get some massage

We take care of booking

high-quality services at the famous Château Berger.

Ask, it's booked.

Rent a boat, a taxi or a shuttle to go to the station

, and even a

able at the restaurant or a chef at home

, we take care of booking whatever you desire.

Although, everything is at your disposal to leave the

apartment as clean as you found

, it you may ask us to take care of cleaning it.